What is Cornerstone?

Since its inception over twenty years ago, the all-male quartet Cornerstone has been a leader among Christian college quartets. Under the oversight of the Admissions office, they regularly perform at youth rallies, banquets, summer camps, and other special events. Members are chosen through open tryouts each year, and represent the best of the acappella musical talent on the campus of Faulkner University.

Who is Cornerstone 2010-2011?

From Left to Right: John, Kyle, Casey, and Corey

Name: Kyle Hayes
Hometown: Corner, AL
Class: Senior
Singing Part: Baritone/Lead
Name: Casey Crawford
Hometown: Rossville, GA
Class: Senior
Singing Part: Tenor/Lead
Name: Corey Cantrell
Hometown: Prattville, AL
Class: Junior
Singing Part: Lead/Baritone
Name: John Wooley
Hometown: Quinton, AL
Class: Senior
Singing Part: Bass